Welcome to Power Of Attorney

Please read below Power of Attorney (POA) explanation:
 1. This NISD POA is a legal temporary document.
 2. Parent is extending educational rights for school purposes only.
 3. Student must be residing with the guardian during the school week. (Sunday night through Thursday Night)
 4. If the student withdraws and enrolls at another school district, this POA becomes null and void.
 5. Guardian will be the primary point of contact.
 6. Guardian must be available for conferences as requested by campus administration.
 7. Guardian will be responsible for the student's conduct.
 8. Student can participate in the free / reduced meal program based on the guardian's income.
 9. Parent can have access to the student's records.
 10. Northside ISD has the responsibility to ensure residence and can conduct an investigation.
This POA can be revoked by:
 • The parent or guardian through a written notice emailed to sasc@nisd.net, at any time.
 • The campus Principal if the student fails to maintain satisfactory attendance and / or discipline.
 • The campus Principal if residency information has been falsified.